Viche 2014 22

22, 2014

Revisiting the Issue on Innovative Renewal of Ukraine

Issues on innovative renewal of Ukraine on the basis of widespread implementation of information and communication technologies are considered. Information development of the society is noted to have to be grounded on the usage of results of innovative activities both at the state and social levels. Potential of leading players in the world politics and the level of their influence in a post-industrial era is proved to mainly depend on the amount of their information resources. Therefore, all nations in the world exist within the framework of new global information and communication environment that stimulates international competition for possession of information and the ICT means. The necessity to involve leading experts in the field of science and technology in development of the information society in Ukraine is argued. Based on the above-mentioned facts, the need for their participation in activities of the state authorities and elaboration of strategies for development of our state is emphasized.
Keywords: innovative renewal, information society, information resource, information and communication technologies, state administration.


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Oleksandr SOSNIN