Viche 2008 3

Viche 3, 2008

The second session continued what had begun at the first

Grand opening of the second session of the Verkhovna Rada of the sixth convocation, which took place on February, 5, unfortunately, did not remove contradictions between majority and opposition, and consequently the reasons for deblocking of work of the…

Sense of unique family

There is beauty, there is grandeur of spirit, there is endured aspiration to the unique Ukrainian state system, such estimation was given to the exhibits of exhibition of fine art Unification by Nina Karpachova, ombudsman of Ukraine.

Political Olympys in January

Remember about death! ancient citizens of Oleksandriya welcomed each other. I remember, they possibly answered, I remember and use that I live today.…

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: I am ready to be your mediator, initiator of changes to the legislation, just define priorities

That is how the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada summed up a frank talk about painful moments.

System bases of fixing the legal status of a man in the Constitution of Ukraine

State and legal development of modern Ukraine that appears on the way of construction of the democratic, legal and social state which could realize constitutional principle that is recognition of a man as the greatest social value, whose interests,…

International and legal culture of civilizations of medieval Latin America

Predominance of europocentrical approach to the study of international law (in particular its history and international and legal view) resulted actually in the extraction of considerable international and legal reserve of non-european people from the sphere of knowledge.

Nuclear programs of India and Pakistan: comparative description

India and Pakistan carried out nuclear tests in May, 1998, in this way demonstrating the presence of nuclear weapon in their countries and the decisiveness to develop the nuclear programs.

North European experience of the social state on the example of the Kingdom of Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden differs from other countries with high economic and social achievements.

Priorities in coal and the price of their underestimation

Nowadays it is much said about coal industry but, unfortunately, little that is being done. In all of industries there is a discussion of the governmental program the Ukrainian gap: for the sake of people but not politicians.