Viche 2008 3

3, 2008

Political Olympys in January

Remember about death! ancient citizens of Oleksandriya welcomed each other. I remember, they possibly answered, I remember and use that I live today.

Modern politicians are not aware of secrets of ancient mysteries of the beyond, but they remember about death. Not in order to decrease quickly the loading on the earth surface, but only in order to live more, breathing the electrified political air. Everybody remembers about death and everybody fights for life. Viktor Yushchenko looks at calendar from time to time, where the date of the next elections - January, 2010, is highlighted by orange marker. Yuliya Tymoshenko and Viktor Yanukovych look at this date sometimes as well. In two years (without a few days) chairman of the CEC will say sacramental words: The president has died, let President live! Whose soul will reincarnate in this high position? This is a question an exact answer to which is known by God, but Viktor Baloga thinks he knows exact answer as well.