Журнал Viche 2008 №3

№3, 2008

System bases of fixing the legal status of a man in the Constitution of Ukraine

State and legal development of modern Ukraine that appears on the way of construction of the democratic, legal and social state which could realize constitutional principle that is recognition of a man as the greatest social value, whose interests, rights and freedoms determine the activity of state authority, introduces impartially in the circle of major problems of constitutional right the question of realization of the Constitution of Ukraine, ensuring of rights and freedoms of a man and a citizen.

For example, political dignity of a man is shown, first of all, in his possibilities to take part in political life, to realize his political interests, to articulate his own political will and freely express his political views. That is why the Constitution fixed such basic political rights: right on participation in the management of state affairs, right on freedom of union, right on peaceful gatherings, mass meetings, marches and demonstrations, right on the appeal (we will remind that the article 40 of the Constitution fixes a norm in accordance to which everybody has the right to send individual or collective writing appeals or personally approach public organs of local self-government and public and official people of these authorities, who are obliged to consider the appeal and give a grounded answer within the term set by the law).

Kostyantyn Babenko