Журнал Viche 2008 №3

№3, 2008

Nuclear programs of India and Pakistan: comparative description

India and Pakistan carried out nuclear tests in May, 1998, in this way demonstrating the presence of nuclear weapon in their countries and the decisiveness to develop the nuclear programs. Military opposition between Delhi and Islambad received another important constituent, when nuclear opposition between them was added to the usual arms race. Nuclear factor in South Asia, consequently, has become real, and both states take into account the presence of nuclear weapon in their strategic planning. So South Asia has become another center of nuclear opposition in the world.

Almost every year there are the displays of conflict relations between India and Pakistan in South Asia, the origins of which achieve times of disintegration of the British colonial empire and obtaining of independence by these countries. As is well known, in 1947 Indian dominion was divided in two independent states – India and Pakistan. The division, certainly, took place without any account of interests of local population, their cultural and religious belonging, and that at once changed the number of territories of former dominion into debatable territories for new states.

Taking into consideration military potential of both countries and also tension of the modern relations between India and Pakistan, participation of world association in the settlement of this conflict is necessary. In the result of appearance of nuclear weapon in South Asia there was not only the enormous threat to regional safety but also the attempt of non-nuclear countries of the whole world to have a nuclear weapon.

Olga Shevchenko