Viche 2008 3

3, 2008

North European experience of the social state on the example of the Kingdom of Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden differs from other countries with high economic and social achievements. According to the volume of social services it occupies one of the first places in the world, and according to the level of life it leaves behind almost all other states.
With recognition of Sweden as one of the most developed countries the term the Swedish model appeared. Swedish achievements can be explained by the features of historical development of this country, specific national character features and general acts of economic and political development.

Presently state of commonwealth in the countries of North Europe has all attributes of the socially oriented development. The scales of social functions of the state are determined by that it redistributes through the budget 43% (in Norway), 59% (in Sweden) of national produce. The exception is only Iceland, where these indexes are a bit lower; it preserves, however, the social orientation of the state budget. Wide range of social services, which these countries provide through city and state governments and establishments, remain popular and universal [1, p. 81].

The departments of social service at local authorities manage the address social help. Sizes of help are determined at places, and very often it is only the part of complex help to a person or a family. Among reasons, that force people to apply for help, social workers mention unemployment, somatic and psychical diseases, alcoholism and narcotic dependence. Principles of the social state are fixed at the level of constitutions of different countries. The objective and the task of development of societies, which felt the consequences of inhibition of freedoms (Germany, Italy, France) and violation of human rights from the side of state establishments and political modes, are legally determined. The concept social state: contains the content that is in harmony with the General declaration of human rights of 1948: it is necessary to stand up against any forms of oppression and limitation of human rights.