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Viche 2015 6

Viche 6, 2015

Issues on Reforming the Constitution of Ukraine and National Legislation in the Context of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine

Current issues regarding Ukraines accession to the European and Euro-Atlantic structures are explored.

Tax Compromise as a Variant of the Tax Amnesty

The basic principles of the tax amnesty in the practice of its its application in different countries of the world are considered, particularities of legal regulation of tax compromise as a form of tax amnesty in Ukraine, as well…

Implementation of the European Union Action Plan on Visa Liberalization for Ukraine

Key steps of implementation of the EU Action Plan on Visa Liberalization for Ukraine are studied. Main stages of conducting the EUs dialogue on visa liberalization for citizens of Ukraine are highlighted.

Persons Right to Know Their Rights and Responsibilities: Revisiting Its Place within the System of Constitutional Human Rights

A little-studied problem in legal science on the place of the constitutional right of a person to know their rights and responsibilities (set forth in Article 57 of the Constitution of Ukraine) within the system of rights of man…

Peculiarities of the Mechanisms of Functionality of Civil Society Organizations in Developed Democracies

Based on the most commonly used terminology of political science, the essence of the category civil society organizations is determined.

Problems of Interaction Between the International Organizations and NGOs in Ukraine

Among the problems of interaction between international organizations and civil society organizations in Ukraine is the lack of state funding of the latter.

Support of Civil Society Organizations by International Institutions and the Task of the International Community

Areas of activities of international institutions promoting development of the civil society both within separate countries and regions of the world are analyzed, spheres and mechanisms of their interactions are defined.