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Viche 2015 №16

Viche №16, 2015

Constitutional principles of political reform and elections in Ukraine

Negative consistency in political practice of independent Ukraine – degradation of public power of every next cadence is marked. The author sees the reason for it in the political system which generates and feeds the off-grade oligarchic bureaucratic power.…

Constitution and electoral process in Ukraine

The fragments of constitutional process in Ukraine from 1996 until now are analyzed. Thoughts about decentralization of administrative-territorial mode and local self-government in the future renewed Constitution are expressed.

Improvement of electoral legislation: problem of constitutionality

Within the author’s line of sight are the features of present situation about the update of electoral legislation.

New models of decentralization of the scope of functions of territorial authorities and new approaches to the electoral system

Ukraine got close to the real changes to the law on self-dependence of territorial societies. Legal borders, which the real decentralization of power should attain, are formulated.

Constitutional legal reform of local Self-government in Ukraine: problems and prospects

Local self-government as a fundamental institute of the state system of every democratic country in the process of its development enriched itself with the achievements of the foundation of the civil society and business activity of inhabitants of the…

Conception of constitutionalism of B. Kistyakivskyi in the context of modernization of modern constitutional legal systems in Ukraine

The author analyses the conception of constitutionalism of Bohdan Kistyakivskyi, native of Kyiv, representative of social science elite of the beginning of the XX century, leading theorist and methodologist of law, who was distinguished by purposeful Europeanism and at…

Constitutional reform and modernization of the electoral system of Ukraine in the context of world experience

Selection of the electoral system is an important issue which has an outstanding significance in the state formation process of the country, influences its political life, general political climate and stability in the society.

Improvement of the electoral system in the context of constitutional reform

As of today we have optimum terms and conditions to implement such difficult and responsible reform like the revision of electoral legislation.

Electoral law as a constituent of the constitutional process

The topical issues of electoral legislation as one of key constitutionally judicial institutes are examined, and the electoral system of Ukraine is retrospectively analyzed.