Viche 2015 16

16, 2015

Constitutional legal reform of local Self-government in Ukraine: problems and prospects

Local self-government as a fundamental institute of the state system of every democratic country in the process of its development enriched itself with the achievements of the foundation of the civil society and business activity of inhabitants of the proper territories. The authors provide the examples of features of local self-government in different countries, pointing out the way they were influenced by proper state formation processes. Based on the studies about the natural law, the local self-government, basic principles of which are stated in the European Charter, in all countries to that or other extent follows the main principle of justice, equality of rights, in particular the right to vote.
Unfortunately, the Ukrainian legislation did not get rid of contradictions in relation to the European Charter of Local Self-Government. Therefore the amendments to the Constitutions of Ukraine and to the constitutional laws are required.
Keywords: local self-government, public authority, Magdeburg Law, European Charter of Local Self-Government, statesmanship, bill on decentralization.


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