Журнал Viche 2015 №16

№16, 2015

Constitutional principles of political reform and elections in Ukraine

Negative consistency in political practice of independent Ukraine – degradation of public power of every next cadence is marked. The author sees the reason for it in the political system which generates and feeds the off-grade oligarchic bureaucratic power. The consequences of constitutional reforms, generated by the powerful people during the last twenty years, are analyzed. The author thinks that the necessary and important renewal of Ukraine should be based on scientifically grounded strategy of constitutional development and should take into account present social and political situation in the country and its development trend for no less than a decade forward. The research worker proves the necessity to change the old paradigm 'people - power – Constitution' to the new one – 'people – Constitution – power'. Meaningful element in realization of the strategy of the constitutional process is the adoption of a new edition of the Constitution at the referendum.
Keywords: degradation of public power, constitutional process, reform of political system, All-Ukrainian statutory meeting, legitimate strategic line of reforms.