Viche 2010 18

Viche 18, 2010

Military Discipline, Legality and Legal Order are Necessary Conditions of Providing of Military Service

Military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and other soldiery formations formed pursuant to the laws of our state is the government service of the special character related to defense of Motherland.

Reformation of Legal Rhetoric in Ukraine: Eurointegration and Adaptation of National Legislation and Right of Ukraine to the Legislation and Right of the EU

Intensive expansion of the European Union within the limits of the continent and its direct neighborhood with Ukraine deepens and strengthens their collaboration that, in its turn, strengthens the processes of Eurointegration of Ukraine as factor of its social…

Social Dialog from Position of Countries of the EU

In the countries of the European Union a social policy and participation of social partners in its formation experienced not only considerable transformation but also there was a new over national and over state course of social defense and…

Genesis of Doctrine Definition of Content of Category Administrative Process

The necessity of more careful research of problem of essence and content of the concept administrative process is defined by legislative regulation of this concept which is carried out only by the Code of Administrative Legal Procedure of Ukraine.…

Historical Background of Modern Conception of Human and Citizen Rights

Development of conception and in the future both the theory of rights and freedoms of man and citizen took place during a protracted period of time.

Forms of International Conflict Settlement (by the Example of Arabic- Israel Conflict Settlement)

Presently international conflict settlement plays a considerable part in the intensification of processes of globalization and strengthening of intergovernmental communications.