Журнал Viche 2010 №18

№18, 2010

Forms of International Conflict Settlement (by the Example of Arabic- Israel Conflict Settlement)

Presently international conflict settlement plays a considerable part in the intensification of processes of globalization and strengthening of intergovernmental communications. Their permission due to efforts of the international communities and social and political organizations contributes to the comprehensive development of modern society, and mainly – to the strengthening of public safety within the framework of cultural, civilized, national and state spheres.

External policy of Palestine is directed on the peaceful settlement in the Near East that confirms its aspiration to achieve peace as a strategic choice. On its basis the Palestine Unification Organization (PUO) which is the only one legal representative of the Palestinian people pays much attention to the negotiations with Israel for the sake of achievement of the desired peace in accordance with the principles of international legislation which requires the complete withdraw of Israel troops from all occupied Arabic territories (Palestine, Lebanon, Syria), and with the certain legalized rights of the Palestinian people, first of all the right on self-determination and creation of the independent state with a capital in East Jerusalem. Within this framework the PUO defined the vision of peace in the Near East through the approval of the following positions:


1) complete withdraw of Israel troops beyond the boundaries which existed till 1967 in accordance with resolution of the UNO № 242 and principle of peace in exchange of land;


2) refusal from joining East Jerusalem by Israel (in accordance with resolution of the UNO № 478 of 1980) and final withdraw of Israel troops, and also its return to Palestine so that the capital of Palestinian state could be created there;


3) liquidation of all settlements on Palestinian territories in accordance with resolution of the UNO № 465 of 1980 and all resolutions of the UNO on this issue.


4) confirmation of rights of refugees in accordance with resolution of the UNO № 194, which guarantees them a right on returning and material consideration;


5) confession of right of the Palestinian people on determination of its fate which means the independence in accordance with resolutions of the UNO on this issue, in particular, resolutions of UNO № 1397, and returning of complete sovereignty on territories of the Palestinian bank (western bank of the Jordan river), including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

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