Журнал Viche 2010 №18

№18, 2010

Military Discipline, Legality and Legal Order are Necessary Conditions of Providing of Military Service

Military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and other soldiery formations formed pursuant to the laws of our state is the government service of the special character related to defense of Motherland. This is the professional activity of citizens of Ukraine who are suitable due to the state of health and age. It’s clear that such people have to have the corresponding moral features.

The order of doing the military service by the citizens, their rights and duties are determine by the laws of Ukraine, the regulation on doing military service are determined by certain categories of servicemen, statute and other normative and legal acts. Every serviceman in everyday life and in activity in military units and divisions and beyond them is obliged to keep to the expressly outlined rules of conduct. Internal service is organized with the purpose of maintaining of order and military discipline in military division and garrisons, of proper moral and psychological state which provide permanent tactical efficiency, high-quality studies of personnel, health maintenance of servicemen, and effective execution of official tasks by them. The internal service foresees the system of measures which are used for the organization of everyday life and activity of soldiery divisions and units of servicemen pursuant to the Statute of the internal service of the AFU [1].