Журнал Viche 2010 №18

№18, 2010

Social Dialog from Position of Countries of the EU

In the countries of the European Union a social policy and participation of social partners in its formation experienced not only considerable transformation but also there was a new over national and over state course of social defense and welfare of citizens.
Sweden has become the original leader of this large-scale process. Beginning from 1930th it was the first country in Europe which institutionalized social dialog in the form of trilateral organ (government - confederation of employers - trade unions) which co-ordinated the basic parameters of economic and social policy, conditions of labour and level of its payment. Every project of public policy (first of all, the projects of budgets) before official approval (by the government, and afterwards, as it is required by the legislation, by the parliament) was discussed in as wide as possible circles, in particular, in the structures of administration, political parties and organs of self-government. From those times a trilateral organ in this country was and remained the basis of the social and economic mode.

Nadiya Kreshchenko