Viche 2009 16

Viche 16, 2009

Dirty money

Financially legal approvals for violation of legislation unbank financial institutions in the field of prevention of legalization (to washing) of profits, got a criminal way…

Political conflicts in Ukraine

Candidate of sciences from state administration, associate professor of department of economy and management of the Sevastopol branch of the European university In opinion of political scientists [5, 11], a conflict, including public, is the positive phenomenon, as stimulates…

To Europe by the Iberia-American way?

We cautioned decade ago, that to Europe to us never to reach the Iberia-American way [4]. Though in Europe is a market, and in Latin America also market, and the Ukrainian economy was also acknowledged a market.

Euro integration advancement of the system of higher education of Ukraine: new possibilities or new problems?

Defining national educational priorities and attached to the prosecution of creation of the modernized model of higher education of the European standard, Ukraine tailed to Bolonskogo of process in May, 2005.

Role of domestic science and high-tech in including Ukraine to European integration space

A thesis is Powerful science a powerful economy becomes actual not only for today but also by the motto of subsequent progress of humanity [1, 2].

Europe is on horizon: the state and prospects of collaboration of UKRAINEEU

Relations between Ukraine and European Union are founded in December, 1991, when minister for foreign affairs Netherlands, presiding in ES country, in the letter on behalf of European Union officially acknowledged independence of Ukraine.

Models of European integration, or Why to Ukraine of EU?

A prefaceScarcely will be in world practice even another integration forming, that in all history of the existence would cause so much shattering criticism, as European Union (ES).

European experience of development of modern democracy in Ukraine

Obviously, integration of Ukraine to ES is possible only in the case when to the ruling class not on words, but in business it will be succeeded to overcome tearing away of economic and political institutes of our state…

European choice of Ukraine: achievement, calls and prospects

Bright personification of large transformation changes of modern historical days in Europe and world was become by the ascent of the Ukrainian state. The world continues to change.