Viche 2009 16

16, 2009

To Europe by the Iberia-American way?

We cautioned decade ago, that to Europe to us never to reach the Iberia-American way [4]. Though in Europe is a market, and in Latin America also market, and the Ukrainian economy was also acknowledged a market. But there are criteria of UNO especially for the Iberia-American poor countries: for them half and anymore all consumer charges of population head for the purchase of food stuffs. If to go out from these criteria, a 4050% population of Ukraine is in 2005 inhabited after the Iberia-American limit of poverty: 43,6% respondent possibility to buy the most necessary products was not enough simply, and the yet 17,3% polled doubted, it was enough or not.  A 37, 5% population was enough fully only, and yet 1, 6% polled this question did not interest in general nothing was enough to them. Above this problem our ruling class it would cost to be thoughtful, because such sharp stratification of population and is the characteristic sign of the Iberia-American way.