Viche 2009 16

16, 2009

Europe is on horizon: the state and prospects of collaboration of UKRAINEEU

Relations between Ukraine and European Union are founded in December, 1991, when minister for foreign affairs Netherlands, presiding in ES country, in the letter on behalf of European Union officially acknowledged independence of Ukraine.


Legal framework of relations between Ukraine and ES during 10 Agreement was and remains about partnership and collaboration (UPS), signed in 16.06.1994, that went into effect in 01.03.1998 and put beginning a collaboration The term of action of agreement is officially completed in 28.02.2008 And in 05.03.2007 Ukraine and ES began a voice process in relation to the conclusion of new scope treaty which temporally has the working name the new increased agreement or agreement about an association. On a period to its conclusion annually after a mutual stipulation the action of UPS proceeds automatically from the wide circle of political, trade and economic and humanitarian questions.