Журнал Viche 2009 №16

№16, 2009

European experience of development of modern democracy in Ukraine

Obviously, integration of Ukraine to ES is possible only in the case when to the ruling class not on words, but in business it will be succeeded to overcome tearing away of economic and political institutes of our state from the real democracy of western standard, without what it is in principle impossible to provide the that European choice of country, on loyalty which today our communists and socialists swear even. Moreover, at one time and Oleksandr Moroz, and recently Yuliya Timoshenko, reported Advice of Europe, that at least in a political area we already built «Europe in Ukraine», as, they say, lately in Ukraine the considerably increased plenary powers of legislative branch of power, and the real European democracy – it parliamentary democracy foremost.

Oleksandr Shmorgun