Журнал Viche 2009 №16

№16, 2009

European choice of Ukraine: achievement, calls and prospects

Bright personification of large transformation changes of modern historical days in Europe and world was become by the ascent of the Ukrainian state. The world continues to change. Westering the European continent is collected by forces processes of deepening of integration, and on his east — dezintegraciyni tendencies score off mostly. With disintegration of the USSR and socialistic camp cold war submerged in an abyss. Such position with reason many perceived as victory of the West, liberalism and claim of the global prevailing of the USA. However undertook to attention often, that Ukraine and Russian Federation is the allied republics, played a key role in bordering of geopolitical subject which the USSR was. Also they remain large, but perceptibly by the states of world association. Kyiv and Moscow variously took advantage of possibilities of the state ascent.