Журнал Viche 2006 №15

Viche №15, 2006

The Fifth universal

"The Univesal of national unity" - such name has the document for the sake of which on July 27 gathered at the round table discussion President Viktor Yushchenko, the Head of Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Moroz, acting as Prime-Minister Yuriy…

15 years of Ukraine s independence
Significant figures of history - in modern marks

- In honour to the the 15-year anniversary of independence of Ukraine publishing house "Marka Ukrainy" has published an artistic post bloc consisting of four stamps "Kozac'ka Ukraina" (Cossak Ukraine), -told the deputy director from industrial and publishing work…

15 years of Ukraine s independence
Fireworks and salute - "are two big differences"

The celaebration of the 15-year anniversary of Ukraine is expected to mark by celebration with a loud (in direct understanding of this word) march of the military orchestras and the singing groups of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

15 years of Ukraine s independence
Geopolitics and psychological parallels

Mentions about the "youth of Ukrainian state" have become a general phrase.But youth - is whether advantage, or a lack which passes quickly.

15 years of Ukraine s independence
Progresses inspire.

They may be imaginary like the stone, which God can not create or lift…

15 years of Ukraine s independence
"He stood to death with tank and he will stand here"

The first anniversary of Independence Day Ukraine celebrated on July 16, 1991.The initial date was the adoption of Declaration of State sovereignty on July 16, 1990.

Employers do not have time for rest

Each of them is trying to attract this year's graduates of professional education

Resources of manpower resources

Employment, work stations, technological duel…

Work is not a wolf, do not seek for it in the forest

Paulo Koel'yo considers the loss of his job the initial point of his success

Professions like hot cakes!

A good sallary for a top-level experts For several years one after another we carried out a great questionnaire design of school leavers from Kyiv schools in order to find out their professional skills.

« Made in U.A.», Or how is to be a European

Formerly people used to say: «No, we will never live like people in Europe...» Interesting. «Like in Europe» - how it is like? It is not a secret that yearly their problems are increasing.Especially the social one's.

Let's recall, the Stone Age ended not because coal ran out on the Earth

Energy saving - the factor of ecological and economical security During its evolution the mankind shows a proof growth of energy consuming.

Calculation, calculation and once again calculation!

Summarizes the head of State policy of energy effectiveness and energy saving administration of National agency of Ukraine on the problems of effective usage of energy resources (NAER) Valeriy IL'YASOV, answering the question of "Viche".

Under water and on the land - always up-to-date!

August 13 - Builders Day Preparation for winter is a very relevant subject.At once before your eyes appear a digged out yards and streets, broken asphalt which in not being patched up for months.

On a new circle

It is necessary to achieve the prompt passing of four laws - about local self-management, about administrations, about Ministry and about the President. It will give base for improvement of the present condition.…

"Even the smallest experience, first of all a rural, is more important than theories"

- the head of Khmel'nyc'kyi regional board Ivan HLADUNYAK is firmly convinced of it. The village - is a some kind of the catalyst, there are ripen the roots of the future big politics.