Журнал Viche 2006 №15

№15, 2006

Fireworks and salute - "are two big differences"

The celaebration of the 15-year anniversary of Ukraine is expected to mark by celebration with a loud (in direct understanding of this word) march of the military orchestras and the singing groups of Armed Forces of Ukraine.On August 24 the military formations will stride along the Khreshchatyk not with weapon but with with musical instruments in hands.This year servicemen decided to give a demonstration of their artistic appeal insted of their "muscles".The head military conductor of General staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, people's artist, honoured worker of Ukranian art Major-General Volodymyr Derkach will rule over this grandiose and mobile action.

More than 1200 men with military bearing wearing cloth embroidered with gold with shining trumpets in their hands will stride along the country's central street.It is a much more optimistic spectacle than, for example tank or rocket which we got accustomed to during the military parades.