Журнал Viche 2006 №15

№15, 2006

The Fifth universal

"The Univesal of national unity" - such name has the document for the sake of which on July 27 gathered at the round table discussion President Viktor Yushchenko, the Head of Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Moroz, acting as Prime-Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov (Yuliya's Tymoshenko Bloc), Roman Bezsmertnyi (People's union "Nasha Ukraina"), Vasyl' Tsushko (Socialist party), Petro Symonenko (Communist party), politicians and public figures: President of of Ukraine (1991-1994) Leonid Kravchuk, Head of Verkhovna Rada (1991-1994) and (2000-2002) Ivan Plyushch, President of Ukrainian PEN-club Yevgen Sverstyuk, poet Borys Oliynyk, member of Ukrainian Academy of science Myroslav Popovych, member of academy Ihor Yuhnovs'kiy, president of the National University "Kyevo-Mogylyans'ka Academiya" V'yacheslav Bryuhovec'kyi, head of National technical university of Ukraine "Kyiv polytechnic institute" Mykhaylo Zhurovs'kyi, head of Kharkiv remedial group Yevhen Zaharov.

There is something archaic and a slightly romantic in the word "universal" like in everything archaic.The Constitution doesn't envisage universals as legal norms.But we fell the weight in this word, which many legal norms are lacking.It is a historical and a moral responsibility.In 1918 The Fourth Universal was approved.The path to the Fifth Universal lasted for 88 years.