Журнал Viche 2006 №15

№15, 2006

Significant figures of history - in modern marks

- In honour to the the 15-year anniversary of independence of Ukraine publishing house "Marka Ukrainy" has published an artistic post bloc consisting of four stamps "Kozac'ka Ukraina" (Cossak Ukraine), -told the deputy director from industrial and publishing work Antonina Siryk.

The cossack leaders, ardent patriots of Ukraine are represented on them, each of which has made the contribution for the strife for Ukrainian statehood."Ivan Bogun.17 century" - an outstanding commander of Khmelnytchyna times; "Ivan Pidkova. 16 century" - the legendary cossack ataman; "Ivan Honta. 18 century" - leader of the rebel in the Eeastern Ukraine - Koliyivshyna (1768); Ivan Sirko.17 century " - kosheviy ataman of Zaporozhye Sich.The bloc of stamps was printed with circulation of 110 000 copies.The design developers - artists Volodymyr Taran, Sergiy and Oleksandr Kharuky.Together with this bloc a booklet with circulation of 1000 copies will be published - the design of Volodymyr Taran.The special punch of this staps on the envelopes "First Day" will take place on Independence Day. Not marked art evelopes of format C6 with images of well-known cossacks Bogun, Sirko Honta and Pidkova will go in the post reference.