Журнал Viche 2006 №15

№15, 2006

Progresses inspire.

They may be imaginary like the stone, which God can not create or lift

For thousands years historians have been counting the past of our land.And the greatest patriots - in light years.Because they feel cramped on the area from the coastal lakes to Polissya, from Beskydy to Don.The imagination flows to the Indian Ocean and the ice-cold Himalayas, muddy Jordan and Baltic, clear like amber.And then with the "Okean El'zy" "falls into the sky" and dissolves in the space ocean.And there "above the sky", on Mars, Sirius, Orion, somewhere in closing of Divine energy loving sons of Ukraine find mother's family tree."Where from the Rus'kiy land?" - asked Nestor.Only a sincere Ukranian could ask so.Mother, between the flaps and Orions you like swan drift into the edgeless seas", - thus repeating the confessions of Ivan Drach, answers a sincere Ukrainian.