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Viche 2015 №4

Viche №4, 2015

Peculiarities of Formation and Development of the Law Enforcement Authorities in the Territory of Ukraine: Historical Perspective

The status of the law enforcement authorities at different stages of development of the Ukrainian statehood is outlined.

Anti-Corruption Reform in Ukraine: Role and Importance of the Prosecution Authorities as the Coordinator for Counteracting Crime and Corruption

Legal description of the new anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine and the anti-corruption bodies established on its basis is given.

Revisiting the Issue on Constitutional Guarantees of Rights Invoked by the Subjects of Land Legal Relationships

The array of main rights of the subjects of land legal relationships is considered. Importance of the key guarantees of such rights granted by the state is determined.

The Role of the ‘Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms’ Project in the Development of Civil Society in Ukraine

Main features of implementation of the ‘Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms’ Project funded by the US Agency for International Development (UNITER) and aimed at evolution of the civil society in Ukraine are considered.

Activities of the International Organizations in Ukraine: General Trends and Guidelines

Main trends and experience of activities of the international organizations in Ukraine are considered. Crucial attention is paid to the goals and projects of international organizations Ukraine is a member thereof.

Support of the Civil Society in Ukraine: Problems and Prospects

The institutional role of international donor organizations while supporting the civil society in Ukraine is investigated.

Protest Movements as a Segment of Civil Society and a Form of Direct Democracy: Global Trends and Ukrainian Experience

Modern protest movements in Ukraine and in the world are considered as a specific segment of the civil society.