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Viche 2015 2

Viche 2, 2015

Rehabilitation as a Form of Favourable Legal Regulation of Bankruptcy Relationships

The rehabilitation mechanism is explored in terms of its application for reorganization and recovery of enterprises, avoidance of their bankruptcy and excessive external influence thereon.

Coordination of Actions in Counteracting Crime and Corruption as One of the Prosecutors Priorities

Amendments to the anti-corruption law of Ukraine are analyzed. In particular, it is studied their impact on activities of the prosecution service while exercising coordination powers in counteracting crime and corruption which are a part of its constitutional functions.…

State Policy on Civil Society Development as a Factor to Form General Anti-Crisis Strategy

State involvement in the process of development and arrangement of effective functioning of the civil society institutions in Ukraine is studied.

Civil Society and the European Union: Activities and Collaboration

Principles of participation of the civil society and its organizations in public life of the European Union Member States and its impact on political and integration processes within the Community are considered.

Activities of the European NGOs in Ukraine

Special characteristics and importance of the European non-governmental organizations while developing the civil society institutions in Ukraine are analyzed.

Civil Society and Foreign Policy

The scope of influence exerted by the civil society on formation of the states foreign policy is considered.

Basic Democratic Values and Their Impact on Development of the Civil Society in Europe

In recent decades, social and political practice allows for stating successful dissemination of the principles of democratic development, since Western democratic standards are supported by the East European states nowadays.

Role of International Organizations in Activities of the Civil Society Institutions in Ukraine

This is the subject of the competition scientific and research work which was executed by the scholars of the State Institution Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2014.