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Viche 2012 24

Viche 24, 2012

Problem aspects of the legal regulation of employment of the citizens of Ukraine abroad

The right to work is one of the most important fundamental rights in the system of rights and freedoms of a man and a citizen, because thanks to this right a person can create the necessary conditions of accommodation…

International legal aspects of modern bioethics

Nowadays the legal science and practice have reached a significant degree of efficiency in almost all spheres of the human activity.

The financial and logistical support of the law machinery as a part of their secure activity

The effectiveness of law machinery functioning depends on government policy in the field of law-enforcement, especially on the amount of financial resources to ensure the safety of their professional activity.

Gender politics of united Germany: current state of the problem

The feminism and women emancipation (as one of the world's political concepts) makes interest for understanding and definition of the womans role in the political life of the society.

Public danger of the audio stimulators: criminal law analysis

One of the modern dilemmas that significantly imprints on the political, economic and social relations is appearing of various audio services in the global web ("digital drugs, 3D-sounds audio hypnosis etc) that give an opportunity to get, as manufacturers…

State policy in the sphere of education and science and national security of Ukraine

Strategic and effective development of our country depends on us. It depends on our knowledge, skills, experience and abilities to transfer this to the future generation. Therefore for the education is the future.

Political and legal analysis of the electoral system of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: current state and prospects of development

Since Ukraine was declared independent the legislation on parliamentary elections has been changed five times: in 1993, 1997, 2001, 2004 and 2011. As a result, the electoral system has evolved from the majoritarian system to the mixed one.

The European standards of proper government in Ukraine. From the experience of Germany

The institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the partnership with the Munich Institute of East European Law held the workshop conference in the frame of Ukrainian round of the project European approach to the proper…

Scientific basis of the government

The Ukrainian nationwide conference "The Science of the Government: achievements, challenges perspectives" at the National Academy of Government under the President of Ukraine (NAG) was timed to the 15th anniversary of science State administration…