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Viche 2009 4

Viche 4, 2009

Will the parliament survive, together with the whole Ukraine?

The starter of the discussion was the party Regiony. That seriously confused all the politologists: why? Wheres the sense? It is a well known fact, that the required quantity of the votes will never be achieved.

The one that is not financing the energetic efficiency finances Gasprom

The gas wars between Russia and Ukraine, especially the last hard round, made the society, the state and the industrial field change their views on the issue of saving the energetic recourses and the renewable energy sources.

The gas market from the point of the geopolitical balances.

The gas harvesting enterprises cover 25% of the demand.

Step to the energetic union with EU only as another reason to wipe everyones nose

The tendency of Ukraine to join the Agreement about the energetic union with the EU has got Russia angry even more then such irritating for the north neighbor events like November week of the memorial actions on the 74-th…

Not the one that is tired dies the one dies that stopped on the way

Europe is not in a hurry to marry Ukraine, offering Kyiv to wait until 2020.

Januarys exam session

The Parliament assembly of the European Council is seriously worried about the last events on Ukraine that are concerning the political reform and the future of the presidents elections.

The political instability another speed bump on the way to the EU

On the press-conference in the end of the visit, Volodymy Lytvyn stated, that all the agreements between the EU and Ukraine should be postponed at least until the presidents elections in 2010.

The decision of the Intarnational UN Court has solved all the dilemmas between Ukraine and Romania

Ukraine is satisfied with the decision of the International UN Court in the case about the delimitation of the continental ledge and the pure economical zone between Ukraine and Romania in the Black sea.

The history is not covered with the petals of the famous roses. The work language dialog

My visit to the Georgia deputies has fell on the hard for them and for the rest of the world times: some fifty miles away from the parliaments building in the Goriyskyy region still stayed the Russian peace-makers, that…