Viche 2009 4

4, 2009

Will the parliament survive, together with the whole Ukraine?

The starter of the discussion was the party Regiony. That seriously confused all the politologists: why? Wheres the sense? It is a well known fact, that the required quantity of the votes will never be achieved. Or it is all about the image? Or it is all made with only one purpose whet it will come down to the fist fight here we will say: but we tried! We proposed!? moreover the preparation of the elections itself was half-and-halfer. For example, the session was simply ignored by over 20 deputies from the Regiony fraction. Of course, they had more important things to do

If Tymoshenko, even with the help of foreign investments, will manage to protect the economics from collapse and will refuse from supporting the geo-political discussions, she will be able to find the support in the face of East and West. But now it is more important how she will manage to cooperate with Vlodymyr Lytvyn. Because it is not known now whether the parliament can survive another shake down made by Yushchenko and Yanukovych, and it all depends on him.


For the last 17 years of the Ukrainian independence the government has never suffered such a strong political pressure that made the officials not work, but fight on so many sides in one time and to break the everyday artificial barriers. Never in the history of Ukraine there was such a resistance from the head of the state.

Georgiy SKUDAR (RP):

Starting 2005, we constantly have the negative balance of payment. Last year it was $ 17.6 billion. Just think how many thousands of vacancies we cover in the other countries, just because of the unqualified government.

 Oleg ZARUBINSKYY (Block of Lytvyn)

 On the background of the worlds struggle against the crisis, collecting forces in every normal country it is highly amoral to get the situation in Ukraine worse by a political absurd. It is already seen that this is the war that will never have its winner, and the people will lose most of all. Thats it, ladies and gentlemen the political games here became for some people the sense of the politic.


 It seems like $ 100 billion of the funding debt of all the parties of Ukrainian economy, the government and the private structures is not enough. If we reconsider this dept according to the todays currency level (about 8-9 UAH for 1$) we will get UAH 800-900 billion, or 80% of the Ukrainian GDP. It all together brought Ukraine to the possible default situation.

Viacheslav KYRYLENKO (DEPUTIES GROUP Za Ukrayinu):

We consider BYT and the Regiony to be the same political forces according to their sense and form. They all come together in one they all hate the real Ukrainian politics that is run by a President.