Viche 2009 4

4, 2009

The history is not covered with the petals of the famous roses. The work language dialog

My visit to the Georgia deputies has fell on the hard for them and for the rest of the world times: some fifty miles away from the parliaments building in the Goriyskyy region still stayed the Russian peace-makers, that cut the map of Georgia with their tanks into the buffer areas. The red carpet from the main entrance to the Shota Rustavelli boulevard has stretched there for many delegations from the western countries and international institutions. The European observers, that have monitored the situation on Caucasus, created a large competition to me in front of the parliament. But they even found time for the Ukrainian journalists. And they even were not surprised that except war questions they were asked about the features of the parliaments activity, or about the cooperation of the minority and the majority. Maybe they realize, that on my Land, these questions are almost of the state defense kind ...

The new premiere of Georgia has presented the program to the government

The new prime-minister Nika Gilauri, that was the head of the Ministry of finance before, on Feb. 6 has presented the new governmental program United Georgia without poverty

The spears of the rose

In the opposition to Saakashvilli there were found not only traditional opponents of his policy, but the leaders of Rose revolution the ex speaker of the Georgian Parliament Nino Burdzhanadze, the former ambassador of Georgian in Russia Erosi Kytsmarishvilli, the former prime-minister Zurab Nogayideli. Starting Dec. 2008 their team was joined by the ex-ambassador of Georgia in UN Irakliy Alasania.

Ъ blames Russia

During the winter session in Strasburg (Jan. 26-30, 2009) the Parliament assembly of the European Council has appealed to Russia to refuse from acknowledging the Aug. 26, 2008 the independence of Abhazia and Southern Asetia and to stop the ethnical clean-up and withdrawal the armed forces from the occupied by Russia Georgian territories.