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Viche 2013 №14

Viche №14, 2013

Human resourcing of the police, gendarmerie and special services of the Russian Empire as an important factor of organization of the fight against terrorism in the late XIX - early XX century

The need to get information about the criminal intentions of terrorist groups and individuals was the peculiarity of the activity of the bodies called to fight against terrorism in the Russian Empire in the late ХІХ - early ХХ…

The legal regulation of the status of administrative-territorial units in some European unitary states

To lay down proposals and recommendations regarding the improvement of legal regulation of the system of the administrative-territorial structure (hereinafter - ATS) and the status of administrative-territorial units (hereinafter - ATU) in Ukraine there should be analyzed the way…

The specifics of the development and functioning of the institute of administrative services

Today the full protection of rights and freedoms of man during providing of administrative services by the bodies of executive power of Ukraine is the most urgent issue that arises when dealing with important legal tasks within various areas…

The problematic of relief of the criminal liability for corruption offenses

Today Ukraine is very close to the integration into the European community. The long expected signing of the Agreement on association with the European Union (hereinafter – EU) is to occur this year in November in Vilnius.

The role of communicative competence of political entities in the context of today's political process

There were great dynamic changes in the first decade of the XXI century in our country. In a relatively short period in Ukraine the basic principles of government structure and functioning of the political system changed dramatically.

The methodological principles of scientific support of the criminal proceedings

The theory, the methodology and the praxeology of scientific support of the criminal proceedings in the process of fact-finding, evidence and investigation are extremely complicated as epistemological, organizational and procedural and forensic work of many subjects of the pre-trial…

From the history of development and establishment of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

An enforcement of law and success in elimination of antisocial phenomena on the territory of country directly depend on how active legal expert institutions use modern achievements of scientific and technological progress and expert knowledge during completing the tasks…

Formation of political science of international relations: political science of international process

The political science, for all that blames that traditionally are being addressed to the social humanities, can be considered as one of the most important sciences.

To the question of nature and content of the category of “power entity subject”

Today it is clear that the entry of an independent Ukraine significantly changed the geopolitical situation in Europe and Eurasia region.