Viche 2012 15

Viche 15, 2012

Scientific and sports cycle expedition The Way of the Aryans

The purpose of the expedition is to make a cycling trip through the territory of India (about 3000 km), Nepal (about 1000 km), Sri Lanka (about 1000 km). The total length of the traffic route is about 6000 kilometers.…

Music as a strategic issue of Ukrainian independence

The concept of the national musical culture even in some intellectual circles is miserably primitive Throughout the whole twenty-year history of our independence Ukrainian music positions are consistently giving up.

Alien image

In memory of famous Ukrainian actor Bohdan STUPKA When the one that rotated the earth passes away, it becomes perplexedly embarrassed, slips, and nearly slides down from the orbit.

To love people. To enjoy the life

The current August exploded just with three anniversaries of extraordinary figures of Ukrainian culture. These days David Cherkassky will celebrate his 80th anniversary, Larisa Kadochnikova will celebrate her 75th anniversary, Valeriy Zaklunna will celebrate his 70th anniversary.

Literary Institute: a distant dream or a realistic prospect?

50 years have passed since the foundation of the first Department of the Theory of Literature of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University in Ukraine.

Return of Hrygoriy Skovoroda

Several years ago the American magazine Life held an interesting and at the same time ambitious action: according to the rating of significance, the conventional hundred of absolute real people of the earth has been composed.

Memories of the Future

Summer 2012. Heat. A flower is crying, a field of wheat is crying. People in the city are like sleepy flies: someone sleeps in the subway, someone sits in the shade.

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