Viche 2012 15

15, 2012

Return of Hrygoriy Skovoroda

Several years ago the American magazine Life held an interesting and at the same time ambitious action: according to the rating of significance, the conventional hundred of absolute real people of the earth has been composed. Exactly one hundred representatives of the last millennium, according to the organizers opinion, had the most significant influence on the development of the human civilization.

Volodymyr Yakovych STADNICHENKO is my elder and good friend, to a certain extent mentor and undoubtedly uncompromising patriot. However, that may be, and whatever the outcome, he acted the most wisely - finally sat down at the manuscript, towards which, without exaggeration, he went by years.

What is the result? Here it is, or to be more precisely - weighty, tastefully equipped, well published and bathed in the famous Well the book named Gardener of happiness. The essay book. The research book. The book of high, and sometimes burning thoughts. And slightly false, exactly calculated reflection of its very subtitle Skovoroda as a mirror of Ukraine.