Viche 2012 15

15, 2012

To love people. To enjoy the life

The current August exploded just with three anniversaries of extraordinary figures of Ukrainian culture. These days David Cherkassky will celebrate his 80th anniversary, Larisa Kadochnikova will celebrate her 75th anniversary, Valeriy Zaklunna will celebrate his 70th anniversary.
And what is interesting is that the fates of these very different personalities have similar plot nodules. All three of them are children of the war, cicatrized burns of which are the evidence of vitality. The years of young darings for all three coincided with the blessing sixties, with a short, but saturated with creative oxygen thaw. All three during their professional prosperity received many high merit badges, awards and honors. All three experienced despair from the wrecking of the national screen and theatrical art, the tragedy of being not in demand, which affected them with emery wing. But despite everything the August 2012 anniversary heroes, as thirty, forty years ago, are bathing in peoples love. And, as it is inherent to men of the sixties, they do not give up to caricature faces of reality.