Viche 2012 15

15, 2012

Scientific and sports cycle expedition The Way of the Aryans

The purpose of the expedition is to make a cycling trip through the territory of India (about 3000 km), Nepal (about 1000 km), Sri Lanka (about 1000 km). The total length of the traffic route is about 6000 kilometers. Direct contacts with the indigenous population will give rich cultural material; assist the development of friendly relations between nations.

The very first meal

Ethnographical-culinary research in the lyrical space and time


Sorting out the years of childhood and youth, I remember the same thing. Midday. Heat. A sunbeam, sliding over the tired town and shined through the apple-tree basketwork and grape curtain in front of the house, lost its fiery force it is fresh and comfortable on the terrace. In the middle there is a table; on the table there is a bread covered with a towel, salt in the old salad-dish, snowy crispy onion with green tails, vesicular cucumbers, tomatoes with water drops on the red tight sides; the family is at the table. And right here on the verge grandmother appeared with a big pot of borsch telling: Well, should I pour now?.  Within some time, when the steam above the pot grew thinner, the grandmother froze up in front of the table with the pan filled with fried potato: Well, should I put?. The lunch is a good thing: to sit at the table and slurp. The dinner is also quite a good thing. The breakfast is not worse than lunch and dinner. The new day will begin with it. As good it will be, so good will be the profit of the family. But whatever is boiled in the pots, iron pots and pans, whatever is sizzled in the pan, the same thing would never escape from my grandmother's lips: Should I fill? Should I put? Should I pour? .