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Viche 2012 №12

Viche №12, 2012

Some issues of bribery in the judicial branch of power and possible ways of its overcoming

The high level of corruption in Ukraine, definitely, harms the society and state considerably.

Native reasons for financial-economic crises of capitalism and legal ways of their elimination

(Part ІІ) 4. Absence of the real democracy is the first and main system reason for the crises 5. A large gap between the profits of citizens is the second system reason for the crises 6.

State-private partnership development as a necessary constituent of successful modernization of a country

Development of a country in general and realizations of the forced modernization in particular depend on the achievement of public consent on progressive basis which has to support a creative search and venture investments, and contribute to the creation…

Non-political agents of political socialization

Socialization of a personality is a necessary pre-condition for the entrance and adaptation of a man in the society, a multidimensional process, which objective is to understand the essence of the social phenomena and acts of a concrete person.…

Formation of the migratory policy system in the context of national interests

In the state regulation of migration processes in Ukraine it is possible to define the row of components, each of which creates terms for the achievement of certain goal, and their aggregate provides functioning of the public migratory policy…

Practical issues of staff formation for the judicial branch of power *

The important constituent of the legal reform carried out in Ukraine is a judicial reform, in the process of which it is necessary to form effective justice, strengthen the guarantees of democratic principles of the legal proceeding, and provide…

Legal principles of participation of public organizations in exercising public control

Effective organization of activity of organs of executive power depends foremost on the effective public inspection.

Constitutional justice through the prism of theory of constitutional right in correlation with the conception of constitutional modernization*

The modern world experiences the epoch of large-scale constitutional transformations which absorbed in itself all depth, contradiction, and at times national-historical tragedy of geopolitical changes.

Principle of legality: nature and essence under the conditions of democratic changes

One of “shocking” features of our humanitarian publishing space and legal scientific work of the recent years is the absence of significant monographic pieces of work and, even, article material concerning the “legality” category which has almost disappeared in…