Журнал Viche 2012 №12

№12, 2012

Constitutional justice through the prism of theory of constitutional right in correlation with the conception of constitutional modernization*

The modern world experiences the epoch of large-scale constitutional transformations which absorbed in itself all depth, contradiction, and at times national-historical tragedy of geopolitical changes. Russia, Ukraine, as well as other states, which appeared on the territory of the post Soviet Union and started to create democratic legal national identity, will especially sharply face difficulties connected with the constitutional growth, will experience a vital requirement in the critical overview of long-standing quasi constitutional stereotypes, and in the comprehension of principally new approaches to the understanding of problems of modern constitutionalism, which will meet the requirements of time.

* Book Review-reflections: Selivanov A. A. Constitutional problems in modern legal theory: doctrine of stability and protection of the Constitution of Ukraine is in the context of its modernization and effective constitutional justice. 2nd publication, additional. K.: Logos, 2011. — 208 p.