Журнал Viche 2010 №23

Viche №23, 2010

World Envies Ukraine. And Ukraine is Helpless

Notes on Occasion of Anniversary of the Land Reform In December, 2010 the decree “On Land reform” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukrainian SSR will be 20 years old.

Improvement of Work of the Deputy Office in the Context of the Democratic Strengthening of Ukrainian Parliament

It is known that the parliament has a special place in the system of authority institutes and represents power, which is really the first among equal in the triad of power, as research workers mention [5].

Legislative Power: Ukrainian Realities and Doctrine Problems

In the legal state the power is to be limited by the law, besides historical experience indicates that it has to be maximally restrained in the possibility to change the legislation arbitrarily for the sake of its own benefit.…

The Disbalance of the State Authority System in Ukraine is the Key Problem of Management in the Sphere of the State Security of Ukraine

Further development of the Ukrainian state, democratization of its public life, carrying out of effective reform in the field of economy, the state control system are organically connected with the reliable provision of state security.…

Earth Stands on the Defensive

Uncontrolled usage of bowels of the earth conduces to the irreparable ecological catastrophes In the coal-mining regions of East Ukraine sharp issue connected with the safety of vital functions of habitants – closure of not potential coal-mining mines and…

Power Safety: Electric Power, Coal, Innovative Technologies

The consequences of the world financial crisis testify that every international legal subject is looking for its own ways of exit from the crisis and overcoming of economic confusions in the social sphere.