Viche 2010 23

23, 2010

World Envies Ukraine. And Ukraine is Helpless

Notes on Occasion of Anniversary of the Land Reform

In December, 2010 the decree On Land reform adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukrainian SSR will be 20 years old. This decree had to become integral part of the economic reform carried out in Ukraine in connection with transition of economy of the state to the market relations with the purpose of creation of terms for equal right development of different forms of management on the land, formation of coherent economy, rational usage and protection of the land.

It has to be separately marked that land plots which are used as productive force in Ukraine make 53.3 million hectare. Many other countries of Europe and the world could envy to such index. This is enormous riches, gift of nature, its resource. Regardless of results of entrepreneurial activity of housekeeping subjects, it is in the potential position to create the particle of products, which legally must belong to the Ukrainian nation, to the state and is to be paid as a land rent, which is the payment for the right to use a land plot.


And presently the countries not only envy our national riches, and, probably, now even intend to purchase of the land plots. Therefore they offer to create corresponding market.

Andriy BOBKO