Viche 2010 23

23, 2010

Earth Stands on the Defensive

Uncontrolled usage of bowels of the earth conduces to the irreparable ecological catastrophes

In the coal-mining regions of East Ukraine sharp issue connected with the safety of vital functions of habitants closure of not potential coal-mining mines and sections is of current importance.

In accordance with the Program of restructuring of the coal industry ratified by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers 280 from March, 28, 1997, the liquidation of coal enterprises takes place and it results in the unexpected consequences of ecological, man-caused and social character.


At the numerous conferences in Donetsk regional state administration devoted to the problem of the unauthorized mining on the territory of the region, the thought about the necessity of complex approach to its settlement settlement of social, economic and legal issues and also fight against a corruption - permeated. Above all things, it is necessary to create workplaces for those who were dismissed from the coal enterprises because of their closure.


So what is to be done at the legislative level?

Above all things, the law of Ukraine On liquidation of coal-mining enterprises and consequences of their production activity has to be adopted, in which to arrange the normative and legal base for the settlement of the problems related to the ecological and hydrogeological rehabilitation of territories in the post-liquidation period. Also at the legislative level it is necessary to define the legal successor of areas of coal-mining enterprises after their liquidation is finished. In particular, to continue to control the state of the mine openings which have an output on the surface, to carry out ecological, gasdynamic and hydrogeological monitoring, and also to keep a close watch on the possible settlement of the ground.  In addition, the acting laws On the protection of natural environment and On obligatory state pension insurance have to be improved, and corresponding amendments have to brought to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers On the adoption of Order of liquidation of unprofitable enterprises of the Ministry of Coal Industry.


14 collective members (among which there are 5 from the research institutes and 5 from the coal enterprises) consider the realization of this initiative to be real. Recently the agreement on conducting of research works in relation to the possibility of creation of such park has been concluded with the Donetsk Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. In such way we will make the crimes of people which bring damage to the nature impossible, we will influence on the inactivity of law enforcement authorities. We will address to all public ecological organizations of Donbas, and, in case of necessity, also to the All Ukrainian and international ecological organizations in order to stop the criminal treatment to the nature in our region, to provide safety of vital functions of habitants of the region and to prevent possible man caused catastrophes.