Viche 2010 20

Viche 20, 2010

University Education in Ukraine in the Context of Prospects of European Integration

Modern university as the community of students and professors united by common values, scientific, educational, spiritual and cultural interests both in Europe and in Ukraine has traveled over distance of protracted evolutional development and revolutionary transformations, which…

Origin of Ideas of European Integration

European integration plays special part in modern international processes. For the first time the term integration was used by American administrator of Marshall Plan P. Goffman.

New Political Course of Viktor Yanukovych and Russian Strategic Interests

The strategic purpose of modern Russia, in accordance with priorities defined by the Strategy of national safety of the Russian Federation till 2020 and the Message of the president of the Russian Federation D.

External Economic Factors of Eurointegration of Ukraine

Modern union of Europe is the appropriate process conditioned by objective pre-conditions of social, economic, political, cultural and historical character.

Cultural and Civilized Space of Europe and Ukraine: General and Special

It is well known that the strategic purpose of development of Ukraine is its entering to the European space, and in the future full-scale integration to the European Union.