Viche 2010 20

20, 2010

External Economic Factors of Eurointegration of Ukraine

Modern union of Europe is the appropriate process conditioned by objective pre-conditions of social, economic, political, cultural and historical character. One of important elements of this process is integration of Ukraine to the European system which from 1993 remains basic priority of foreign policy of official Kiev and meets the requirements of the whole European concord.

The way out from the difficult social and economic situation for Ukraine is possible upon condition of modernization of all national economy complex of the country. At this special attention should be paid to that a new external economic strategy is to be built on the successive and stage-by-stage mastering of external economic space, because the state of credit-financial and material resources of Ukraine in the nearest future does not enable for simultaneous expansion in all directions [3]. Here we have to mention: taking into account the predominance of international relations on the line Ukraine European Union Russia (in particular, the index of trade in 2008 with the EU was 30.8%, Russian Federation/CIS 24/37.7%), it is obvious that the European or Russian model of transformations will be used.


Taking into account modern discourse of development of relations in format UkraineEurope, the consideration of problem of bilateral collaboration from the opposite point of view seems to be expedient: what benefit will the European Union have from the active collaboration with Ukraine? For this purpose it is worth appealing to such acute problems of contemporaneity as provision of energy carrier, development of transporting communications, international safety and modernization of economy.


Pursuant to modern logic of expansion of the European Union the economic integration is to become the next stage, and afterwards the political integration of new periphery. It can be made, in the result of geographical limited nature of Europe in the West and in the North, from the countries from the adjoining area in the East and the South (indirect confirmation of what the program East Partnership can be). Then in comparison with Byelorussia, which is more integrated with the Russian Federation, and also with the Caucasian countries and Moldova, which are problematic in the military-political and socio-economic plan, Ukraine will be considered as the most perspective applicant on the membership in the European Union.