Viche 2010 20

20, 2010

Origin of Ideas of European Integration

European integration plays special part in modern international processes. For the first time the term integration was used by American administrator of Marshall Plan P. Goffman. He introduced it to the political lexicon in order to define the processes which began in the Western Europe. After the Second World War, with the beginning of integration, Europe has been perceived as a single entity with common interests, aims and values. Direct result of the European countries integration in the EU is the growth of their force and influence which contributes to the acquisition of a new measuring of political and international life of Europeans.


Single Europe was the dream of many that is why there were a lot of forms of state unions during its millennial political history from the conquest to the creation of joint institutions with the purpose to settle common problems. However, in the conditions of permanent enmity of the European countries the idea of united Europe had the special sounding, the sense of which, as a rule, was directed on the settlement of current conflict situation and achievement of peace. This leading keynote of the ideas of united Europe does not lack stratification and context of historical epochs during which they appeared.  


At the same time during the protracted history of coexistence on the continent Europeans felt the community and necessity in integration. Proof of this is the appearance of ideas about integration of Europe practically at all key stages of its history. Historical becoming of idea of integrated Europe can not be separated from cultural and political development of the continent on the whole. The idea of European integration which has considerably developed with the creation of the EU is not new and will be today realized under favourable circumstances. And, what is especially valuable, it is perceived and is supported by most Europeans.