Журнал Viche 2008 №10

Viche №10, 2008

Elect with us, elect, as we, elect better than we!

On May, 25 Kievites will vote for a city chairman and 120 deputies of capital council…

The Charter was ratified but was not observed

Today every branch of power in Ukraine all more active wants its own leadership, tries to obtain as much as possible rights and plenary powers.

Three stops of shame or 63 years since war

In May 1945, the Victory Day a young at that time soldier was overfilled with a natural human gladness: the war has finished and he survived the raped, and a trampled by fascism freedom triumphed.

Without a right on Motherland

In May 1944 by order of Stalin Crimean Tatars were declared outlaw and were accused in the «aiding» fascists.