Журнал Viche 2008 №10

№10, 2008

Three stops of shame or 63 years since war

In May 1945, the Victory Day a young at that time soldier was overfilled with a natural human gladness: the war has finished and he survived the raped, and a trampled by fascism freedom triumphed. Bitter taste of losses and wounds of his Fatherland obscured all his 63 post-war years. And now he suffers from load of humiliation, unconsciousness of compatriots and descendants.  

And on the alter side of Shchengen the memory is still living. A person of the same the age as war veteran from the Kyiv subway is the Nobel laureate of 1999 is a kick-up known German writer Gunter Grass, a former SS - man writes in his memoirs «For an memory onion»: «In the SS forces something European seemed to me because divisions formed out of  French, Walloons, Flemish volunteers also there were many Norwegians, Danes and even a neutral Swedes; they were at war at the East front protecting a western civilization from a Bolshevik invasion. 

There are enough excuses. But during decades I renounced to confess myself in implication to this word, to this doubled letter. Things that were accepted by me because of a foolish childish vanity I passed over in silence from a growing shame after war. But a load remained and nobody can facilitate me this burden.  

Though during the autumn and winter months of a dull drill while they were making a  tank man of me I personally did not hear of soldiery crimes which later swam out on light and I was part of the system that planned organized and carried out the elimination of millions of people. Even if I consent that there was no direct guilt it could not escape from severe sediment which could not be simply alleged collective responsibility. I know that I have to live with it till the end of days» (Foreign literature, 2008, issue 3/ Translation from German – B. Khlebnikov) 

Justice, freedom and memory are nevertheless majestic values.