Viche 2008 10

10, 2008

The Charter was ratified but was not observed

Today every branch of power in Ukraine all more active wants its own leadership, tries to obtain as much as possible rights and plenary powers. But whether it will be to the benefit of the citizens? The strife for the power by every state (read: political) imperious force, above all things in a center of the country is caused by an unstable legislation

Such ideas prevailed among the leaders of secretariats of executive apparatuses of regional Kyiv and Sevastopol city councils, secretariat of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Autonomous Republic during their recent period of trainee in the capital. An initiator and organizer of this activity was Administration in copulas with the local organs of power and organs of local self-government of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine apparatus. 

The discussion has become especially sharp during the round-table discussion with participation of employees of Verkhovna Rada Institute of legislation in relation to the last changes to the laws About local self-government in Ukraine (in relation to the mutual relations between local state administrations and district and regional councils) and About local state administrations (in relation to the problems of organization, plenary powers and work order of local state administrations). 

These talks gained its logical continuation during a traveling seminar in the Chernigov regional council. Telling about realities of Prydysenya region, regional council chairman Natalia Romanova gave examples of effective decisions of representative power of region.

Viktor Korniyuk