Журнал Viche 2016 №5

Viche №5, 2016

“Do Not Let Us Take the Course of Allowing Events to Drift Along Until It Is Too Late”

The fragments of Winston Churchill’s speech before the students of Westminster College in the town of Fulton, which became a momentous event in the international life in the post-war years, are recited.

Factor of Nuclear Inhibition in Military and Political Strategies of NATO and Ukraine

It is marked that the aggression of Russia against Ukraine made the issue of nuclear inhibition of the Russian Federation of current importance. Basic theoretical principles of inhibition are pointed out.

Need for Legislative Changes in the Mechanism of Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Investigation of Legalization of Proceeds from Crime

Need for regulatory improvement and setting of European standards on anti-money laundering is identified on the basis of current legislation, statistics, investigative and judicial practices.

On the Question of Formation of European Unified Technical Regulation and Standartization System

The problem of formation of a single European technical regulation and standardization system is considered.