Журнал Viche 2014 №4

Viche №4, 2014

Methodological Approaches to Determine the Correlation between National, Political and Legal Ideologies

The key methodological approaches to determine the correlation mechanisms of national, political and legal ideologies are analyzed. The alternative ways of their influences on society are defined. On the basis of existing examples, the ideological correlations are presented.

Training of Modern Law Enforcement Officers Is to Comply with European Standards

The activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine concerning the development of cooperation with European and international organizations, law enforcement authorities, educational and research institutions in the field of personnel training, and improvement of the professional skills…

Regarding the Views of Some Western Scientists on Further Formation of the European Community

The views of the famous British historian C. N. Parkinson and his Dutch colleague A. H. Heineken on further formation of the European Community are highlighted.

On the Basis of Ideological Diversity

On the Legislation against Crimes which are Illustrative of Fascism Fascism as a political sect and its negative practical impact on human history are studied.