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Viche 2014 №23

Viche №23, 2014

Constitutional Reform in Ukraine: Background, Purpose and Methods for Implementation

Issues connected with the emergence and consolidation of constitutionalism in the Ukrainian state are explored. Particular attention is paid to the goals and methods for implementation of the national constitutional reform.

Civic Decency: Moral and Legal Components

Current transformation processes in Ukraine are noted to set a number of important tasks regarding formation of a conscious personality before the state, its civil society, and legal science.

Ukrainian Path to Visa-Free Regime with the European Union: The Role and Importance of Agreements on Local Border Traffic

Analysis of bilateral agreements on local border traffic concluded between the EU Member States and Ukraine is conducted.

Restriction through Broadening: Legal Status of the President of Ukraine in the Context of Constitutional Changes

Changes in the constitutional status of the President of Ukraine while reforming the Constitution of Ukraine are analyzed.

Analogies and Differences of Systemic Crises in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia and Ukraine

Preconditions and consequences of one of the hardest and longest conflicts of the 20th century – the Yugoslav war of the 1990-s – are studied.