Журнал Viche 2014 №12

Viche №12, 2014

Ensuring of Security of the Law Enforcement Officers Exposed to Corruption Attacks

Issues regarding the formation of a mechanism for ensuring the personal security of law enforcement officers exposed to corruption attacks are explored.

Legal Requirements for the Procedure for Amending the Constitution of Ukraine

On the basis of modern legal thinking, the latest achievements of the national science of constitutional law, the newest sources of this law, as well as an analysis of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, legal requirements for…

Development of the State and Supreme Representative Bodies of England and France in the Pre-Revolutionary Period

The vast majority of the peoples of Western Europe belong to two cultural and religious groups, i.e. the Germanic and Protestant and the Romance and Catholic.

Which Principle Is More Important — the Principle of Inviolability of Private Property or the Principle of Availability of Its Protection?

Some Aspects of Misappropriation of Vehicles The main aspects concerning the misappropriation of vehicles are briefly summarized. The contents of the basic Article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding this issue (Article 289) are analyzed.

Communal Property as the Material Basis of Life Support for Territorial Communities in Ukraine

The situation in the sphere of property management in the territorial communities of Ukraine is analyzed. The priority directions establishing a new form of ownership, i.e. communal property, are defined.